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Disneyland Bus

Updated: May 25, 2021

by: Rolyat Mosi

As part of Transformations :the African American Writers' Alliance Play Festival

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The Disneyland Bus explores the racial profiling experienced by a group of young, black newspaper boys in the early 60's. The story appeals to the heart of all Americans for social justice and equitable treatment for everyone, especially our children.

Playwright: Royalt Mosi

Royalt Mosi is the pen-name for Isam Taylor. Rolyat navigates the creative world of collective words aimed at the inside of the mind. He has recently been in the prcess of editing and revamping writings from yesteryear as he unfolds new compositions along many of the content paths noted in his writing experience. He has had a wonderful time working with various community efforts requiring a writer's support.

Director: Chino Gonzalez

Chino has spent the past five years stage directing and mentoring students as a teaching assistant and co-founder of "Space Jam: an Arts Community" at Highline College. During that time he has co-produced various classroom plays, campus performances and workshops centered around human rights, mindfulness, and self-reflection. In addition to being an educator, director, actor, singer, videographer, and graphic designer, Chino produces music for local artists and performance groups.

Soundcloud: Bonnet Black

Instagram: @misteriouslyme

Cashapp: $KeniCG

Mr. Arnold Benedict: Danny Hassett

Danny Hassett was born and raised in the San Fransisco Bay Area. In their early struggles with identity and budding mental illness, they sacrificed their body to the gods of neutrality. Arts education gave them a way to reclaim that Self they had relinquished. Cast adrift on the seas of life, it is Art that keeps them afloat. They strive for an artistic culture that follows as its heart dictates.

Renard: Tre Scott

Tre Scott is beyond grateful to be contributing to The Mahogany Project. Tre, a proud Oakland, CA transplant, is a graduate of Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts, as well as Cornish College of the Arts. He was last seen in a full quarantine production of Samuel Beckett's Endgame put on by the Young Hot Thespian theater collective. He is wishing peace to all those thinking of survival and sending them love.

Beaver: Michael Hurd

An actor, stand-up comic, and a playwright from the Bay Area who got his start in productions at Cabot College in his hometown of Hayward. Since transferring to Cornish College of the Arts to pursue an Original Works major, he has performed in A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes and will return as Duncan in Macbeth in the fall.

Rudy: Brandon JonesMooney

Brandon is a multi-hyphenated artist from Oakland, CA. He's a graduate of the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts and Cornish College of the Arts. Past productions for Brandon include Endgame (Hamm) with Young Hot Thespian, The Brother's Size (Oshoosi) with Young Hot Thespian, Reparations (Leonard/ Jimmy/ Maceo) with Sound Theatre Company, The Temptest (Ensemble) with Seattle Shakespeare, and As You Like It (Oliver) with Freehold Theatre.

Disneyland Man: Alex J Koerger

Alex is pleased to have the chance to work with the Mahogany Project fot eh telling of this important story. A resident of Fircrest, WA, Alex is a South Sound community stage actor where his most recent performance was as Bob Bradley in Lakewood Playhouse's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Alex's other performances include Lakewood's A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life, Act 1 Theatre's Midsummer Night's Dream and more. Alex is a father and teaches middle school mathematics.

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