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A Journey with Author Dorothy Sekabira- ACES 2021

Updated: May 25, 2021

Dorothy Sekibara is an author, director, filmmaker and screenwriter.

When asked where her love of writing comes from, Dorothy shared the following.

"I started constructing stories in my head when I was a teenager growing up under an oppressive dictatorship in Uganda. There, I had an occasional opportunity to put art into writing in English class, but I was focused on making it to medical school.

My career path, however, led me elsewhere, to teaching and Human Resources. When I started putting my thoughts on paper, those experiences drew me to inspire others by educating through entertainment, dare I say, to edutain.

Though I write in different genres, I gravitate towards themes of search and rescue and I find that writing science fiction has boundless freedom when it comes to creativity. While my stories are grounded in reality, the boundaries are extended to provoke thought on what catastrophes are approaching in a very near future and the hope that we are capable of acting upon that knowledge to mitigate human suffering."

Dorothy is working on the next segment of her animated sci-fi short film Rescue 2050 (2019). She also has a number of other projects in the work, showing characters we rarely see and telling stories we often don't hear.

Illustration by: Fernando Peniche

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