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Since 2006, we have been creating new works, developing artists, spotlighting teaching artists and educational opportunities, thereby providing a platform for Black artistic voices.


Sundaes Outside!

A Celebration of Black Women

Highlighting – Dosewallips State Park 

**This is a FREE virtual event**

Upcoming Sundaes Outside:
Oct. 17th, 2021 @ 5pm-6pm

Merri Ann Osborne, Executive Director of The Mahogany Project, will be the emcee for a series of conversations & experiences for Sundaes Outside.

Sunday family gatherings have been a staple in the Black community, from church to family dinners and so much more. Sundaes Outside, produced by Golden Bricks Events, brings that same fun vibe of a family gathering while also addressing diversity, equity and inclusion in the outdoors.

Sundaes Outside highlights different state parks, has musical performances, shares outdoor tips, and showcases local art, businesses, and community leaders.

September 19th : 5pm-6pm

We Out Here 2021

Thanks to everyone who attended the free virtual viewings of the Mahogany Project's productions for We Out Here 2021!

A special thanks and appreciation to our featured speaker and artists, Donna Carpenter-Fukushima, Key Porter, Dorothy Sekabira, Miles Irwin and Mujale Chisebuka. 

Check out the insightful, fun and inspiring conversations we had with everyone by clicking on the links below in our 'What's New' section of the website. 

Please note that the "Saturday Morning Cartoons" event will show a blank screen from approximately 1:07:00-1:40:00 as we went into hands-on breakout sessions with the artists. But keep watching after 1:40:00 to hear more from the artists and audience members who joined in the fun of creating their own original work. 

Shout out to Langston Seattle and Menrva Labs, the Executive Producers of We Out Here and to the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture for their support.

Mission Statement

The Mahogany Project (TMP) is a collaborative arts organization whose mission is to support and develop established and emerging artists by producing and showcasing their work, thereby providing a platform for artistic voices from the African diaspora. Founded in 2006, we are proud to continue our mission of sharing stories and diverse perspectives of local and global Black experiences through multi-disciplinary art forms.

Merri Ann Osborne Headshot.jpg

Merri Ann Osborne

Executive Director


Explore our upcoming performances, as well as learn more about our past events.


Since 2006, The Mahogany Project has been honored to share the stage with these talented artists across all disciplines.

"The community has questions!"


The Talk

produced 2018

(Police Accountability)

Urban Poverty Forum 2018 Mahogany Projec
Urban Poverty Forum 2018 Mahogany Projec

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UPF 2017 Merri Ann Immigration
UPF 2017 Merri Ann Immigration

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Urban Poverty Forum 2018 Mahogany Projec
Urban Poverty Forum 2018 Mahogany Projec

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Urban Poverty Forum 2018 Mahogany Projec
Urban Poverty Forum 2018 Mahogany Projec

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What's New

WHAT’S NEW The global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways. For the arts community, we have had to rethink the way we engage audiences while continuing to support our artists, stay connected to our communities, and keep our doors open.


The Mahogany Project is no different. Thank you to our supporters and donors who have stood by us during this time allowing us to continue to support Black storytellers of all artistic mediums with art that inspires, questions, and reflects the world as we see it today and imagines a future full of possibilities.


Interested in volunteering with The Mahogany Project? As a small arts organization we deeply appreciate the support and contributions of our volunteer team. Whether it's helping usher, marketing support, spreading the word about our fundraising campaigns or artist support, you can make a difference in uplifting the voices and talent of African diasporic artists.

To get started please send us a message, requesting a volunteer application.

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