Join us October 8, 9, 10, 18 & 23, 2020 for live streaming of this one-act play 

Featuring C.J. Dudley and Ashanti Proctor, Original Music by CJ Dudley

A witty, finger-snapping, and foot-tapping play loosely inspired by Hamilton. As two college-aged students wait for classmates and the Professor to arrive, they kill time and entertain themselves by singing a capella pandemic-laced songs written by CJ Dudley while discussing personal COVID challenges.

COVID Dreams is part of The Pandemic Plays, a series of six world premiere short scripts commissioned and produced by Radial Theater Project.

Tickets for this series are available to watch over a live stream.

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black voter suppression


  'TRANSFORMATIONS' is a virtual staged reading play festival exploring the breadth of the African American experience.

              These six plays are rooted in stories of the past and present               and resonate today, giving hope for the future.

Transformations play festival

                 Join the Mahogany Project and its partners for a special                                               Town Hall discussion, film screening and Q&A.                                                         Black Voter Suppression: Election 2020

                        SUNDAY, AUGUST 23, 2020 from 1pm-3pm/PST

  (This event is Part 1 of the Urban Poverty Forum Series on Voter Suppression )


                                           'COVID DREAMS'

                    A NEW play written by Jacqueline A. Ware                                          Directed by Merri Ann Osborne, The Mahogany Project's Executive Director


Since 2006, we have been creating new works, developing artists,
collaborating, producing, supporting and 
providing a platform for Black artistic voices.

The Mahogany Project is Powered by Shunpike               

Shunpike is the 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that provides independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success.

                 Join the Mahogany Project and its partners for a special                                               Town Hall discussion, film screening and Q&A.                                                          Native Voter Suppression: Election 2020

                        SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 23rd from 1pm-3pm/PST

  (This event is Part 2 of the Urban Poverty Forum Series on Voter Suppression )


                  Watch all six plays written by members of the African-American Writers Alliance                                              featuring local area directors, artists, musicians, crew and creatives! 


                                                              Plays Featured:

Changing Oil - Playwright: Georgia S. McDade, Director: Lydia K. Valentine

Back In the Day - Playwright: Yvonne Gwendolyn Smith, Director: Merri Ann Osborne  

Disneyland Bus - Playwright: Rolyat Mosi,  Director: Chino Gonzales 

Madison Park Bench - Playwright: Jacqueline (Jaye) Ware,  Director: Sadiqua Iman 

Redbone and Black History: As Seen Through the Eyes of a Child  - Playwright: Helen Collier,  Director: Valerie Curtis-Newton 

Troubled Waters - Playwright: Minnie Collins,  Director: Lydia K. Valentine

Also available for viewing is the June 20, 2020 conversation with playwrights Georgia S. McDade, Yvonne Gwendolyn Smith, Rolyat Mosi, Jacqueline (Jaye) Ware, Helen Collier, Minnie Collins and Dramaturg/Playwright/Director Lydia K. Valentine, moderated by Merri Ann Osborne, Executive Director of The Mahogany Project. 

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