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We Out Here 2021

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Saturday June 19th, 11am-1pm

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Comic Book Makers, Illustrators, Writers & Animators

Have a bowl of your favorite morning cereal while kicking back and enjoying a conversation with local artists Key Porter (Comic Book Maker), Mujale Chisebuka (Illustrator), Dorothy Sekabira (Writer) and Miles Irwin (Animator). Hear about their art and storytelling styles and then join them afterwards for hands on drawing, animation and writing workshops.

Moderator: Merri Ann Osborne/The Mahogany Project

Co-Production with The Mahogany Project



Dorothy Sekabira is a writer and film director. She wrote and directed the short film Dole (the doll) (2012) and an animated sci-fi short film, Rescue 2050 (2019), for her novel of the same title short film. She has pitched on multiple occasions at the Great American Pitchfest in Hollywood. She is currently developing short documentaries and working on her second novel. She holds a degree in Zoology from Makerere University, Uganda, and another in Mass Communications from Seattle University, WA.


Growing up in Kirkland, Washington, the natural world has always been a source of inspiration for me. I spent much of my childhood sculpting small animals and creatures out of Sculpey clay, choosing sculpture as my medium of choice far more than picking up a pencil and paper. It was in late high school when I had the epiphany that my love of theater arts, sculpting and storytelling could all come together in animation. I studied animation at San Jose State University and after graduation, I returned to the Seattle area and began my career creating hand-drawn animated pieces, illustrations, video editing and motion graphics. Being a biracial Black man growing up in a multiracial and multicultural family is at the forefront of my mind when I’m creating. Authenticity and attention to cultural details is supremely important when telling diverse stories through the medium of animation.

Instagram: @i.miles


I moved to Washington when I was 5. My artistic journey started at the age of three when I stumbled upon my father's drawing. I asked if I could try it, and from that day on I never looked back. I’ve always had a curiosity for life and a love for people. Coupled with my love for the arts, this led me to draw everyone and everything I saw.

Through this process, I fell in love with and fully embraced my Zambian culture. Since moving to Washington, my passion for the arts, curiosity for life, and love for people have helped me to fully embrace American culture as well.

Growing up in a Zambian household and being surrounded by American culture, I have developed a love and understanding for both cultures and infused them into my art. Having a strong love for my heritage while also connecting to the American culture, (which is filled with many cultures) has given me a rich experience that feeds my mind, body, and soul-enhancing creativity. As an African American artist living in a city that is growing in size and diversity, I have come to understand how I want to tell my story. I believe that educating people about the beauty and differences in my culture while connecting people through the similarities is the key to building on a system of cultural awareness and diversity


Watching anime(cartoons) or reading manga(comics) on a Saturday morning in the 90’s was, by far, my favorite past time growing up in Central District of Seattle, WA. A past time that wasn’t taken professionally until my final quarter senior year at The Evergreen State College. During that time, I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad at Tamagawa University practicing studio art in Tokyo, Japan.

From getting lost in Shinjuku, speaking the language, being immersed in the art form, and finally flying back home with a BA in Business and Arts Management, I was inspired to open a private comic book studio back in Seattle.

Currently with two locations in Pioneer square and North Seattle, the Green Haus specialize in product design, story boarding, comic development and production of Afrofuturistic stories and concepts.

Feel free to join my session with a comic you’ve put on hold, or even a new canvas, your favorite medium and let’s have a sesh!

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