Let's Do It Again: Celebrating 9 Years of Excellence (October 25, 2014)

In Partnership with Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute


Musical Performance by Eva Walker/The Black Tones

Monologue -- THE PANHANDLER written by Lois Mackey, Directed by Steve Sneed, Performed by Umeme Dinish


Short Film -- ADDICTED written by Deatra L. Harris

Short Play -- SISTER FUSION written by Sandra Boas-DuPree, Performed by Marita Phelps, Rick DuPree, Anne Hatch, Lauren DuPree, and Tina Ben (narrator)

Poet Adillia Scott -- WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE

Author Merri Ann Osbourne -- excerpt from CITY GIRL, COUNTRY SUMMER

Storyteller Sharon Nyree Williams


     Host Felicia V. Loud

     Vocalist Shaunyce Omar accompanied by Joey Walbaum

     Poet/Storyteller Sharon Nyree Williams accompanied by Taylor Hyll
Venue: Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute (Partnership)

Our Roots Are Showing: Voices of Black Men (2013)

Writers: Alen Blake, Marcel Davis, Rick DuPree, and Leroy Mack III
Venue: Northwest African American Museum 

Hoodies Up: End of the Rainbow (Short play 2012)

Produced by BrownBox Theatre
Written by Sharon N. Williams

Directed by Dani Tirrell

Performers: Taryn Collins, Dominique Stevens, Ronald McGrew and Merri Ann Osbourne

Venue: Rainier Cultural Center 

Our Roots Are Showing (2012)

Writers: Sandra Boas-DuPree, Merri Ann Osbourne, Adillia Scott, and Qadriyyah Shabazz

Venue: Northwest African American Museum

Circles of Life (2012)

Performed by Sharon N. Williams

Directed by Shaunyce Omar

Guest Artist: Qadriyyah Shabazz

Stage Manager: Robin Dawn Kelly

Written by Dynamic men and women

Venue: Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center

Circles of Life (2011)

Performed by Sharon N. Williams

Directed by Qadriyyah Shabazz

Musical Director: Taylor Hyll

Stage Manager: Robin Dawn Kelly

Written by Dynamic men and women

Venue Northwest African American Museum

Description: Can we talk? Can we sit down and have an honest conversation? Can we openly share the truth about how our experiences have shaped our lives? Can we stop for one second and listen to our secrets? Circles of Life Part I, a one woman show, is a poetic and story driven exploration of the human condition.

Plight: I am my brother's keeper(2010)
Written and Performed by Sharon N. Williams

Description: Plight is the story of an African American woman who returns to her childhood home determined to find a research paper she wrote while in high school, The Plight of the African American Man. While searching for her paper, Sharon shares personal stories of love, laughter, and tragedy of African American men who have touched her life. 

D.O.I (Declaration of Independents) (2009)
Breaking the chains in theatre and film

Venue: Seattle University Lee Center for the Arts

     emotionalblackmale (One Act Play)
     Written by Kathya Alexander
     Directed by Tyrone Brown
     Performed by Darrell Goodwin
     Choreography by Dani Tirrell
     Description: emotionalblackmale is an exploration of the emotional complexity and diversity of the contemporary African American      male. It takes us through a theatrical journey through the lives of various individuals who represent the spectrum of Black        

     malehood. emotionalblackmale...where we see how we behaved as he thought he felt. 

     My Experience (One Act Play)

     Written by Sharon N. Williams

     Directed by Naho Shioya

     Performed by Malcolm Baber, Sterling Beard, Sterling Brown, Katrishka King, Loraine Marr, Alecha Newbern,
     Yataka Taylor, and Takia Thompson

     Description: My Experience, is set on the campus of Dover State University and in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this dynamic play        explores how friends, family, and professors are instrumental in a young black woman's growth. My Experience is an open    

     invitation to explore the Black college experience. 


     Addicted by Deatra L. Harris

     Dating at the Speed of Life by Leroy Mack III

     From the Heart by Sharon Nyree Williams

     Man II Man by Eddie Smith

     Mary Jane by Winfield Ezell Jr.

     Swipe by Bryan K. Johnson

     Us: A Love Story by Alrick Brown

     Who Will Lead Us by Bryan K. Johnson

Freedom (Juneteenth)(2008)
Written by Sandra Boas-DuPree, Lois Mackey and Sharon N. Williams

Directed by Tyrone Brown (BrownBox Theatre)

Description: Freedom a one-act musical theatre production was created by two of Seattle's premier African American theatre companies; The Mahogany Project and BrownBox Theatre. Freedom features original songs by Felicia V. Loud and performances by various local artists.