Unsung Heroes of Seattle Jazz

Theatre Off Jackson

July 23 - August 2, 2015

Unsung Heroes of Seattle Jazz


  Linda Holden Givens - Holden on to Family Roots     Sandra Boas-DuPree - Jazz Prayer


Merri Ann Osborne - Holden on to Family Roots

Sandra Boas-DuPree  - Jazz Prayer

Actors: Eva Abram, Jonté Ausler, Isaiah Barnett,  Lauren DuPree, Rick DuPree,  Jacob Henthorn, James Kelly, Lake Lewis, Felicia Loud, Thomas Foster, Jemeril Jackson,  Kevin Warren, Taylor Westerlund, Connor Zaft 


Urban Poverty Forum 

Town Hall, Seattle

​February 22, 2015

The Mahogany Project was proud to partner with Freehold's Engaged Theatre program and the Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas in bringing to the stage Unsung Heroes of Seattle Jazz- showcasing the stories of Seattle's vibrant yet under-documented jazz scene. 

Unsung Heroes of Seattle Jazz featured a live interactive art installation and two new short plays from Playwrights Linda Holden-Givens ('Holden on to Family Roots") and Sandra Boas-DuPree ('Jazz Prayer').

In 'Holden on To Family Roots' Ms. Givens tells the story of her grandfather, the jazz pioneer Oscar Holden. One evening, some famous friends surprise Oscar with a visit and they recount jazz stories and tragedies to the delight of his family.

'Jazz Prayer' follows the story of Kenny Boas, Ms. Boas-DuPree's father, as he looks back at his past as part of Seattle's Jazz scene in the 1940's while celebrating his life in the 1970's. 

The plays were part of an immersive music and theatre experience commissioned by Freehold and produced in partnership with the Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas and The Mahogany Project.

Emboldened/Unsung Jazz Heroes investigates the need to seek both individually and collectively an identity and a durable sense of self, and inquires into how necessity leads to the birth of inspiration.

Juxtaposing stories from Seattle's historic jazz scene with the forgotten legacy of Buddy Bolden, the project examines the extraordinary internal worlds of these under-noticed souls and their struggle to break out of imposed limits creatively and destructively.

A two-part experience featuring an interactive site-specific installation as well as an original play, Emboldened/Unsung Jazz Heroes will combine video, performance and music for a night of storytelling that will invite the public to encounter theatre and each other in a new interface.

The evening ended with an original play, Emboldened: The Rise and Fall of King Bolden the First, by Reginald André Jackson (winner of the 2010 AATE Distinguished Playwriting Award) about the life of Buddy Bolden, accompanied by an original score composed by D'Vonne Lewis (of Industrial Revelation, winner of the 2014 Stranger Genius Award in Music).

Watch the You Tube video featuring The Mahogany Project performing 'The New Debt'

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