The audience thanks the performers.

Leslie Daniels (foregound) portraying Lucy Rushen and Asha Biney (background) in the role of Macie Payne.

Robin, Asha and Reco in 'Picking Up the Pieces'

Reco Bembry reading the role of Hayden Evans.

Lashon Watson playing two roles: Carl Rushen and Stewart Walsh.

Ariel view of the audience.

Merri Ann Osborne (on the left) performing the role of Tiana Dawson with Tina Ben-Austin (on the right).

Sandra Boas-DuPree, Co-founding member of The Mahogany Project introduces the event while Tina Ben-Austin looks on.

Playwright, Jeannette W. Hill and The Mahogany Project team.

‚ÄčAn audience member supports The Mahogany Project by purchasing a t-shirt from Merri Ann Osborne after the show.

Tina Ben-Austin performing as Lucy Rushen while Robin Dawn as Diane Philips nods in agreement.

Jeannette W. Hill "periscoping "Picking Up the Pieces" worldwide.