Date: Sunday, February 25, 2018                                                                                           Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute (LHPAI)                                                  104 17th Avenue South, Seattle, 98144

This event is presented and sponsored by Town Hall, Real Change,  and The Mahogany Project.                      Additional support for this project provided by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. 

Participants of all skill levels overcame stage fright and connected with the audience while improvising stories using inanimate objects. In scenes youth created lassos (from recycled cpap tubes), dog toys (from paper towel inserts), dog food & water (recycled starbuck cup & lid) and more!  Parents and caregivers guessed the activities in each scene. Thank you Queens Project for inviting The Mahogany Project to support Family Art Day!

The Mahogany Project
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This year's Urban Poverty Forum (UPF) was held Feb, 25, 2018 at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.

In partnership with with Real Change Newspaper, Town Hall Seattle and Seattle Office of Arts and Culture Neighborhood. This year we examined "​Crucial Conversations: A Panel on Police Interactions in Communities of Color

Featured at this years UPF was a  performance byThe Mahogany Project and featured guest artists of their new work "The Talk" 

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                      Real Change, Town Hall and
           The Mahogany Project Present 

The 12th Annual Urban Poverty Forum

Crucial Conversations: A Panel on Police Interactions in Communities of Color



The Urban Poverty Forum is an annual educational event that brings speakers together around a common theme: to open a dialogue about the systemic issues surrounding urban poverty.  Join community leaders in a panel discussion on the successes, challenges and perceptions around police de-escalation tactics. Unite with a diverse and caring community including faith-based organizations, non-profits, and concerned citizens in addressing problems faced by the poorest among us.

The Mahogany Project will open the forum with a performance of their new work "the Talk"

           Panelists: The Reverend Harriett Walden of Mothers for Police Accountability,                                     Educator and former candidate for State Superintendent Erin Jones,                                                     SPD Crime Prevention Coordinator Felicia Cross,                                                                                   Chester Earl of Justice For Jackie.                                                                                                      Moderator: Lisa Edge - Real Change Staff Reporter

​  Robin Dawn Cherry

2018 Past Events

Horizon House (Anderson Hall) Wednesday Night Live – Police Accountability Performance (see photos) https://horizonhouse.org/news-and-events/ photos by: Joel Godston

Summer Arts Camp partnership with NW Urban Ministries (see photos) https://www.facebook.com/northwesturbanministries/ photos by: Robin Dawn Cherry

Queens Project Life Enrichment workshop in partnership at Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention https://www.thequeensproject.org/

Theatre Battery @ Kent Station performance: Alma (or #nowall) by Benjamin Benne, Moderator: The Mahogany Project (Merri Ann Osborne) www.theatrebattery.org

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