The Mahogany Project opens Sunday performances at Festival Sundiata's Armory Stage with the production 'The Mahogany Project Presents'  featuring local artists and performers.

Eva Abram, Actress and Storyteller, enchants the audience with her rendition of "The People Could Fly' by Virginia Hamilton.

Jason Sanford (left) and Treavor Boykin (right) perform a scene from Shakespeare's Macbeth. After their performance they talked with the audience, offering insight into the art of stage combat.


JUNE 12, 2016


Members of The International Angola Capoeira Foundation (IACF) perform. Sharing with the audience through dance, rituals, acrobatics and music, the IACF is committed to the cultivation, preservation and growth of the African Brazilian cultural art form of Capoeira Angola. 

The Mahogany Project is a partner artist organization of Shunpike.